In-situ Metrology Tools for Thin-film Production

k-Space integrates a large variety of analytic services and tools for thin-film metrology. Depending on the nature of your industry’s requirements, general or specific, k-Space will customize its approach to fit your needs. With k-Space, the newest technology tools and computer system at your immediate use will provide your engineers with control over every aspect of thin-film analysis. Many of today’s cutting-edge devices are designed with built-in stress within the individual layers for delivering exact attributes. Nonetheless, undesired changes can happen at any stage. Conventional methods of ex-situ stress measurement can only deliver results after the process is done. k-Space will assist you to take advantage of its world-class tools to obtain precise thin-film stress measurement, wafer bow tilt, curvature and height evaluation for real-time process control.

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Thin-Film Stress Monitoring in Real Time

Many industries require engineers to work in an environment that needs complete control and timely modifications done if necessary. During production of semiconductors, for example, thin-film characteristics must be followed closely. Obtaining full control over thin-film stress and temperature variations to reduce the stress accordingly is necessary for achieving desired results. Adequate control allows operators and engineers to obtain the properties they need. Thus, many technological tools must come with integrated stress for adjusting necessary settings and specifications.
Unfortunately, a number of spontaneous changes can happen at the time when the process is under way, which may cause defects and lack in desired features in new products. Many existing devices are incapable to deliver measurements in a simultaneous mode, and will only provide operators with stress calculation after the production is over. This means that the capacity to produce calculations in real time operation is vital in gaining full control, that allows performing necessary preventative manipulation before any damage or deviation occurs.
One of the devices with similar capabilities is kSA MOS, a sensor with highly reacting and quick to respond laser, that monitors thin-film stress in real time. Another great advantage of this product offered by k-Space is that it’s based on optics, and will match some, if not all, thin-film deposition processes. The product comes with specifically developed software, with one or two-day installation service, plus a one-year warranty that starts from the date it was delivered to the purchaser.

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Netmarble Kommt Mit Einem Meisterwerk!

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